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Our Goal

Boarding your pet at Bed & Biscuit is designed to be a comfortable, enriching and engaging experience. We strive to offer highly personalized care, accommodations and activities, so that we can best serve our guests’ unique needs and preferences. 



Year Round Luxury Dog Boarding

Each of our guests is lodged in his/her own clean, safe, spacious and comfortable suite with climate controlled indoor quarters. Your pet will be warm and cozy in the winter and cool and comfortable in the summer, with ample room to move about. We disinfect each suite every day. We also have a large fenced area where we take your dog to exercise five times per day.  We do not put dogs in the same play area that don’t know each other. We offer a healthy atmosphere with personal attention to the needs of each pet.  Your pet’s health is of paramount importance to us!   Bed & Biscuit was designed for the best of pet care.  Our setting allows us to provide a large outdoor exercise area for your pets to run and play. We take your pet(s) out by themselves – we do not mingle all of our guests together. You can count on your pet spending time in our play areas five times daily (7am to 8pm EVERY DAY!), where they receive personal attention and a human playmate!  We provide a wading pool during those hot and humid Louisiana days so your dog can play and stay cool. All pets are provided fresh water to drink, and are fed in the morning and/or evening as directed by you. 


Cat Condo's & "Other" Small Pets

   Our feline guests also get excellent care. They are kept in a separate area away from dogs and will reside in climate controlled 3 level condo's. Their water is kept fresh, the litter box  is scooped at least 3 times per day, fresh food is available at all times, and their condo is thoroughly disinfected daily. Cats enjoy the safe and protected feeling they get from being in an enclosed area such as their condo, but we do offer them  the opportunity to leave it to explore the bedroom, sit on the window sill, or play with  toys.  You can count on us to do everything possible to keep your cat safe, happy, and  healthy while you’re away. 

Small Pets are Welcome

We have boarded many types of pets, some of which include pigs, rabbits, birds, snakes, lizards, hamsters, and many more.  Please call or email us about these types of pets.  We will be happy to discuss accommodations.


Full Service Grooming Spa

We offer full service all breed grooming of dogs. Our experienced groomer takes pride in her work abilities as well as being a confirmed animal lover. Although we request prior notice, we try to accommodate spontaneous requests for grooming, but we do appreciate advance scheduling. Our groomer is a seasoned and well-experienced groomer. We believe that we provide customers with the best overall service, personal attention, quality, and safety possible for the best prices and value. We seek to provide the highest quality of care for you and your pet and to ensure your satisfaction with our services. We subscribe to the highest pet industry standards in the care and grooming of your pet. If your pet has a problem with fleas and ticks, or you would like to pick up a freshly bathed or groomed pet on the day of pick up from boarding, just let us know in advance, and we will be happy to accommodate you. 

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Bed and Biscuit Pet Resort

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